Company Membership Application

Company Contact

This person is the point of contact for the Company Membership and will receive the annual dues invoicess. The Company Contact has the ability to add and change additional representatives for the company.

Second Representative

A Company Membership inclues a second PWN Membership for thier business at no additional charge. Please fill out their details below. If you still want the Company Membership Benefits as a sole proprietor or you have an odd number of representatives, enter "NA" for the Contact #2 details.


Business Information

This information will be featured on our Meet our Company Members Page on the PWN Website.

  Membership Committee
  Communication / Newsletter Committee
  Programs Committee

Please continute to the next screen to make payment. Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted.


If you have more than two employees, please complete this form again, but select the "Additional Company Representatives" Membership Type on the next page.


Please allow 2-3 business days, for your Business Listing to go active.