Ethical Standards and Conduct

In order to achieve the purposes for which the Peninsula Women’s Network (PWN) was founded, we aspire to and insist on the highest standards of personal and professional integrity from the PWN leadership as well as each individual member of our organization.

Cooperation, understanding and mutual support are core values of PWN. Therefore, the following ethical qualities are crucial to the functioning of PWN:

Altruism: PWN is, first and foremost, an organization dependent on the cooperation and good will of its membership. Each PWN member should demonstrate a willingness to help fellow PWN members and the organization achieve their goals.

Respect: All PWN members deserve to be treated fairly. Respect also implies appreciation for the efforts of PWN members who donate their time, talents and expertise to the good and well-being of the organization.

Accountability: Upon accepting membership in PWN, each member assumes responsibility to support the goals, purpose and mission of PWN. Accountability implies considering and protecting the reputation of PWN when representing the organization to others. Accountability also implies an obligation on the part of the PWN leadership to safeguard the assets and reputation of the organization.

Reliability: PWN members have the right to expect that individual members will honor commitments made to each other when offering referrals or delivering goods and services. PWN members who accept a leadership role in the organization are obligated to fulfill the responsibilities of their office or position.

Honesty: All representations made to and on behalf of PWN members must reflect the highest standards of honesty. Failure to behave honestly in transactions or policy matters involving PWN members or the organization damages PWN and its mission and, therefore, cannot be tolerated.