Membership Perks

As an active PWN Member, you have access to the following Membership Perks:

  • Office Depot - Once you have paid your membership dues, Gina Davis will be notifed to set-up your Office Depot online account and to request your in-store discount cards. You will receive an email from with your login information. Within three weeks, you will receive two envelopes from Office Depot. One will have your name on the card and the other will be blank. The blank one is for back-up or to share. As long as your membership is active, your discount will be active. Please renew your membership on time.
  • - To receive a 10% discount on all orders, send an email to Gina Davis with the following details. 
    • Your Name
    • Email Address
    • Company Name
    • Mailing Address
    • Phone Number
    • Are you a new or existing customer?
  • Strategic Teams - Join a PWN Strategic Team to help your business grow. To learn more, contact our Team Liaison.
  • PWN Monthly Theme Collaboration - Fill out the submission form to receive a FREE shout out, resource listing or propose to lead or host an event that we can add to the PWN calendar!


To participate in our vendor discount program, please contact Gina Davis at