Meet Our Core Sponsors

Kim Goeltom

Hi! I am Kim Goeltom! I am the owner of Creating Legacy Wellness and a Certified Master Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals.

I was a workaholic who said yes to everyone and every project and by doing that it took a toll on my health. I ended up with Adrenal Fatigue and did not have energy to do anything.

I was tired of being tired all the time and saying no to all of the fun things that I wanted to say yes to! In my journey to heal myself, I started exploring wellness and my journey of study organically led me to a career as a Wellness Coach.

Today, through my Empowered Living for Superwomen™ program, I help my clients, who are usually highly driven, female professionals, escape the pressure of doing everything for everyone and help them finally feel energized to live a life outside of the to-dos.

Term ends March 31, 2019.


Mildred Gonzalez

11848 Rock Landing Drive, STE 202A, Newport News, VA 23606 

2924 George Washington Memorial Highway, Hayes, VA 23072 

You started your own business because you have a passion. But chances are pretty good your passion doesn’t include compiling tax forms, filing compliance documentation, or maintaining personnel records. No, if you’re like most business people, these tasks and more are time-consuming irritants that prevent you from getting work done and billed. Until now.

Mildred "Nany" Gonzalez has been helping businesses large and small grow and thrive for over 20 years. She has extensive background in critical business functions, based on both advanced formal training and hands-on experience. She is a seasoned business executive with in-depth experience in the management of accounting, human resources, and inventory systems of diverse multi-million dollar regional and national organizations.

Term ends March 31, 2019


Yvonne Ortega
PO BOX 955, Yorktown, VA 23692

Yvonne Ortega speaks with honesty and humor as she shares her life and struggles through presentations that help women find peace, power, and purpose. Her background as a licensed professional counselor brings a unique perspective into the heart of women. She is also a speaking and writing coach and the owner of Moving from Broken to Beautiful®, LLC. Yvonne is the author of four books in the Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Series, a member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International.

Term ends March 31, 2019


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