February 3, 2020

Happy New Year! What a wonderful time of year it is! I hope you enjoyed the holidays!!

The start of a new year is always so exciting but it was a complete blur – how is it already February of 2020? It truly is amazing how quickly time passes. I urge you to stay in the present moment, not focusing on the past or the future; just the here and now before that moment is gone because once it’s over, you can never get it back!!

So, how do we stay in the present moment when we are pulled in so many different directions? The POSITIVITYBLOG offers 5 tips to help you stay in the present.


My mind wanders easily so I know I need to train myself to control my mind and come back to the task at hand. It’s not easy but it’s worth the effort so I don’t miss a moment in time with those I love and care about!!

Speaking of love…as you know it’s February and that means hearts, chocolates, roses and other signs of affection will be all around us! How do you like to show your affection to the people that you love? A few years ago, I wrote a note every morning to my son on a cut out heart about why I thought he was amazing and I stuck it on his bedroom door. By the end of February, there were 28 hearts taped to his door and 28 reasons why I loved him! It was a simple act of love that reminded my how awesome my son is and it put a smile on his face to know how much he is loved!! What act of love can you do to those around you? It doesn’t have to be much; any act of kindness makes such a difference in the lives of those we touch each and every day!! Spread some love today and every day – not only on Valentine’s Day!!

One simple way to show that you care for your fellow PWN members is by giving a shout out on our Mighty Networks portal. This morning, I logged into the app and was touched by a post Barbara H. Smith made in regards to our recent meet up. What a beautiful way to start my morning and put a smile on my face! Which members have made an impact on you recently? Why not let that member and others in our organization know how awesome our members are…and as Barbara suggested in her shout out, connect with each other and develop some new relationships with fellow members! The connections and friendships I’ve made over the past year from within our organization is what I love the most about the Peninsula Women’s Network.

Signing off in love, Nicole

But don’t go just quite yet…I have some thing exciting to share:

I recently announced that I was looking for members that would like to be guest bloggers for our newsletter and Barbara H. Smith graciously accepted the challenge. I’m so glad she did…thank you Barbara for stepping out of your comfort zone!

Please enjoy what I hope it the first of many articles written by our members!!

Barbara H. Smith, take it away…

Cafeteria Comrades – Divas in Training – by Barbara H. Smith

Recently, I spent time visiting my granddaughter at a local elementary school.  The seats in the cafeteria are made for little people so they were lower than I like but, I sat patiently waiting for her 5th grade class to enter the cafeteria.  I was looking down at my phone and did not see her class arrive but noticed a student approaching to sit at the table where I was seated.  She sat down directly across from me and politely said, “hello”, and I greeted her with a smile and returned the salutation.  Soon another little lady joined the same table, and another.  Curious, the first young lady said, “are you a teacher?” To which, I said, “I am, but I teach college students”.  We sat quietly for a moment. Apparently, still curious, and the suspense was too much, she asked, “who’s mama are you?”  I was happy and relieved; the question wasn’t who’s grandma are you? I softly and with an inward grin said, “I don’t have any children that go to this school but I’m here to eat lunch with my granddaughter.”  A surprised look came over her and I was even more delighted, not knowing if the shock on her face was because I was a grandmother or because someone came to each lunch with a 5th grader.  Either way, I was thrilled.  At that moment another young lady came to the table but sat down right beside me.  She had a quizzical look on her face.  Suddenly, it occurred to me, I could be seated in one of these ladies’ seats.  So, I asked the young diva sitting next to me if the seat I was seated in belonged to someone and she calmly but emphatically replied, “yes…mine”, and continued eating her lunch.  I sheepishly said, “oh”. She didn’t seem bothered at all that I was sitting there so I stayed.  At same time, Nina, seated across from me, informed the young lady seated next to me that I was there to see my granddaughter and asked her to please let my granddaughter take the seat she currently occupied, next to me.  Immediately, without hesitation or attitude the young diva next to me gathered her belongings and moved to another seat to let my granddaughter sit down beside me.  Momentarily, my granddaughter approached, and I greeted her with, “hello beautiful” and gave her a kiss.  I discovered that there were seven ladies that normally sit at this table. One was missing and that would have left one seat empty had I not been there.  They looked on, as I chatted with my sweet grand baby for a few moments.  I stopped talking and I sat in observance, as they talked and laughed about the tests they’d taken, the news that their teacher, Mr. V. going on vacation, and how their class would probably be split up.  I interjected, “why would your classroom be split, won’t you have a substitute teacher”, to which they said in unison, “oh, they don’t usually show up”! A gasp escaped my lips with nothing more to be said.  The ladies continued laughing and talking with each other and it became obvious these ladies were friends.  My granddaughter turned to me at that moment and confirmed, “grandma, everyone at this table is my friend.” 

It was nearing the end of the lunch period and as they each stood, again almost in unison, to remove their trash and return to class, I addressed them all.  “Ladies”, I said, “thank you for allowing me to sit with you, I appreciated how kind you are to each other and I will see you soon”.  Again, together, they said, “thank you”.  I sat there in awe for a moment, thinking about what I had just witnessed, I recognized that this was a sisterhood, not unlike our PWN sisterhood.  These young divas were from different backgrounds but shared a common bond.  Not unlike, the sisterhood we share.  We are from all different backgrounds, yet we share ideas, laughter, and confide in each other, just like these cafeteria comrades.  We too, probably started young, forming friendships, and creating confidants.  

It reminded me how grateful, happy, and proud I am to call you my sisters and to be part of this growing and powerful group!

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