September 20, 2019

Hello! Peninsula Women’s Network!!

Nicole Powell here…your current Communications VP. Summer is coming to an end and I’m trying to get into a “new” normal as I try to navigate my kids’ schedules, my husband’s schedule, my business, setting time aside for my self care and of course, the fun PWN events, my power group meetings, board meetings and time with friends & family. It has taken a few weeks, but slowly, I think I am finding my way into a routine!

What about you? Does your schedule change during the summer months?

Once my kids are grown and living on their own, will the summer feel just like any other day of the week? Another month? Another season? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences our membership in terms of work – life balance; does it exist? Is it a myth?

Have you achieved balance in both your home life and work life? If so, please post your tips and tricks in the new members platform Mighty Networks under the topic Professional Tips and Tools.

Speaking of our NEW MEMBERSHIP SITE, don’t you just love how easy it is to navigate? I am glad I’m able to access it on both my cell phone and my laptop, I love that it creates a sense of community, that I’m able to correspond with members in specific groups, in personalized chats and how cool is it that I can invite other women to join directly from the platform. There is so much going on in the new members only platform, be sure to log in and check it out. If you haven’t yet received an invitation, don’t worry, yours is coming soon!! Once you are able to log in, be sure to connect with me! I love making new friends and learning more about our members!! Which is why I’ve already registered for the 40th Anniversary Celebration – I love to party and what’s better than a celebration of women that support and empower each other? If you haven’t registered yet…please do so because I want to meet and connect with as many of our members as I can!!

40th Anniversary Celebration

October 28, 2019

Register via

I can’t wait to connect with YOU!!

Notable Events

Free WordPress Q &A Friday, October 4 at 12pm
Contact Erica Rice at

Refuse To Be A Victim, October 12 at 10am
Contact Becky Mosbrucker at

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