Programs Committee

Programs Committee

The Programs committee is  responsible for planning, executing and promoting ALL monthly programs.

Currently, broken down into 4 types of programs, each managed by a specific chair: 

•Special Events - Quarterly focus on entertaining members and guests, typically follow PWN traditions and are great opportunities to network with members, guests and the general public.  Examples:  Annual Dinner & Holiday Party


•Role Play Workshops - Monthly focus on education, with an interactive twist. This will be a two- hour event that takes place during the day. These workshops will be conducted by a group of 2-3 pre-selected members, considered experts in the field we are discussing. Examples:
Discover Your Inner Extrovert & Public Speaking; Customer Service; and Contract Negotiations
•Shark Tank Workshops focus on education, and will be two-hour events that take place during the day. The workshops will be conducted by a panel of pre-selected members, considered experts in the field we are discussing. Examples: Pricing Model & Cost Cutting; Appearance Matters;  You are doing it wrong: Social Media; Customer Service; Testimonials

•Quarterly Community Mixer Programs focus on a specific organization we want to co-mingle. Selected organizations should co-market this event with PWN. Examples: BLING & PWN, My Sister’s Keeper & PWN, Kiwanis & PWN, Military & PWN

•Monthly Socials include Ladies Nights & Breakfasts, and provide an opportunity for members to connect with one another in a casual environment, as well as a great opportunity to invite guests that want to learn more about the organization. Examples: Breakfast at Cracker Barrel & Daily Donut; Ladies Night at Trivania; Manhattans & the Crab Shack.

The VP of Programs oversees all Program Chairs, throughout the execution and promotion of  their events.

CLICK HERE to see our complete Calendar of Events 


VP of Programs

Marisa Colon
Tru Vizion Solution
909 Eastfield Lane
Newport News , VA 23602