Meet Our Core Members

Contact Information: Melissa Thompson
Address: 277 MCLAWS CIRCLE,
Phone: 757-229-1224

At the dental office of Dr. James A. Burden & Associates, we use the latest techniques and technology to provide the best possible results and maximum comfort for every member of your family. Our doctors are highly-trained, experienced and respected dentists who provide the expertise to ensure you receive quality dentistry as well as the right care for you and your family. At our dental office, you will always find a relaxing, friendly environment and a friendly, helpful staff. What’s more, our doctors will always listen to your concerns and explain procedures thoroughly before beginning any treatment, and make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction.


Contact Information: Andrea Johnson

Division Sales Director, Virginia
Phone: 757-784-1331

Beyond strives to simplify operations, reduce costs and streamline payments for owners of small and mid-size businesses across the country. Every customer is provided with the reliable, flexible, and secure business solutions they need, in a clear, transparent manner they can trust. We are committed to the highest levels of technological innovation, contract terms and customer service—earning our customers’ business every day. Every employee is provided with the vital tools, resources and compensation needed to achieve success.

We will deliver results, tell the truth, and make a difference through our determination to transform the business world. Good enough is not nearly enough. We go beyond.


Contact Information: Jill Reece BA Nursing Nutritional Therapy & GAPS Practitioner
Address: 743 Honeywind Road 
Gloucester, VA 23061
Phone: (804)832-5233 

Jill Reece RN and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner of True Found Wellness, provides a holistic, alternative wellness service that is revolutionary in the lives of her clients and their families.  Instead of looking at your symptoms to see what “magic bullet” you need, she uses them to target the imbalance in the Foundations of your health since your symptoms are actually the Consequence to the imbalances. Our bodies were created to heal and repair as a daily part of life, but in today's world it is so easy for the body to become out of balance leading to Dis-Ease.  The ongoing process includes measurable follow-ups as your body makes changes in your personalized healing process while attaining its own balance. Your progress is tracked and your Recommendations are “tweaked” especially for you. So if you think you’re healthy – AWESOME!  Nutritional Therapy assists you in staying that way for the future... but if you currently have issues and you are motivated to change, let's partner to support your Self-Healing process!



Contact Information: Mildred Gonzalez

Address: 11848 Rock Landing Drive, STE 202A 
Newport News, VA 23606 Phone: 757-240-2664

Address: 2924 George Washington Mem HWY
Hayes, VA 23072 Phone: 804-993-7099


You started your own business because you have a passion. But chances are pretty good your passion doesn’t include compiling tax forms, filing compliance documentation, or maintaining personnel records. No, if you’re like most business people, these tasks and more are time-consuming irritants that prevent you from getting work done and billed. Until now.

Mildred "Nany" Gonzalez has been helping businesses large and small grow and thrive for over 20 years. She has extensive background in critical business functions, based on both advanced formal training and hands-on experience. She is a seasoned business executive with in-depth experience in the management of accounting, human resources, and inventory systems of diverse multi-million dollar regional and national organizations.


Contact Information: Yvonne Ortega
Address: PO BOX 955
Yorktown, VA 23692
Phone: 757-529-1222

Yvonne Ortega speaks with honesty and humor as she shares her life and struggles through presentations that help women find peace, power, and purpose. Her background as a licensed professional counselor brings a unique perspective into the heart of women. She is also a speaking and writing coach and the owner of Moving from Broken to Beautiful®, LLC. Yvonne is the author of four books in the Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Series, a member of the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International.


Our Peninsula Women’s Network CORE MEMBERS collaborate with our organization through event partnerships, marketing, and program participation for mutual benefit. Any member can elect to be a CORE MEMBER which includes myriad of privileges such as vendor presence at program events, marketing videos and promo highlights on our PWN Facebook Site, quarterly mentoring sessions, and other opportunities for more visibility and involvement. (We allow one member per industry type at 6 month enrollment periods.)
We encourage you to become a PWN CORE MEMBER! Contact Marisa Colon for more information.
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